Barney Hennessy Memorial Golf Society

Barney Hennessy Memorial Golf Society

The Society was founded in 2003 after the idea came from Tom red Hennessy.  Little did we know that the Society would become so popular amongst the decendants of Barney, some of whom would never even have seen a photo of the famous man.

The members of the Society are all direct decendants of Barney.  The idea is to get together each year, play golf, have a meal, a few drinks and a sing song.  There is plenty of musical talent on show each year and a great night is always assured.

All agree it is a day and night to remember, with the younger members entralled by stories about the past glories of different members of our family.

Thanks to red Tom, the society is very strong and through the capable hands of Toss, Teddy, Red Ber, Walter and black John Joe, it will remain so.  We have about 100 members, 50 of whom are active golf members.  Our members are also members of G.U.I affiliated clubs.  Membership is well spread around the country, Carlow, Laois, Wicklow, Dublin, Kildare, Antrim, Waterford, Cork and Kerry.  We have members in the U.K. and U.S.A.

Each year we elect a Captain of the Society and to date we have had seven brilliant Captains.  The President of our Society is Mikey Hennessy, well known bandmaster and musician.  Mikey a son of Barney, is the only remaining family member alive from a large family.  We hope Mikey will be with us as President for many many years to come.

Our first Captain was also Mikey Hennessy.

Captain's Prize Winners

2012 Walter Lacey

2011 John Hennessy

2010 Jamie Lawler

2009 Adam Hennessy

2008 Martin Lacey

2007 Luke Lacey

2006 John Joe Hennessy

2005 Dale Hennessy

2004 Walter Hennessy

2003 Jimmy Hayden

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