Barney Hennessy Memorial Golf Society

Society Captains

2012  Raymond Hennessy - son of Sean Hennessy

2011  John J Hennessy - son of Jamsie and Aggie Hennessy (nee Hutton)

2010  Sean Begley - son of Jack and Lizzie Begley (nee Hennessy) 

2009  John J Hennessy - son of Ben and Maisie Hennessy (Dillon)

2008   Bernard Hennessy - son of Jamsie and Aggie Hennessy (nee Hutton)

2007   Walter Hennessy - son of Mikey and Peggy Hennessy (nee Lacey)

2006   Edward Ffrench - son of John and Kathleen Ffrench (nee Hennessy)

2005   Tom Hennessy - son of Martin and Margaret Hennessy

2004   Barney Hennessy - son of John and Mary Hennessy (nee Caulfield)

2003   Mikey Hennessy -  son of Barney and Mary Hennessy

Captain's Prize Winners

2012 Walter Lacey

2011 John Hennessy

2010 Jamie Lawler

2009 Adam Hennessy

2008 Martin Lacey

2007 Luke Lacey

2006 John Joe Hennessy

2005 Dale Hennessy

2004 Walter Hennessy

2003 Jimmy Hayden

Upcoming Events

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